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At the perceptive age of 9 years old, Seattle raised musician, Jessie Siren, found solace in her father's haunting, emotional music. Due to his influence, she began to delve further into the world of music and discovered pieces of herself within the guitar, piano, and harmonica. By the time she was 18, Jessie had finished her first acoustic album under the name Jessie Houghton. She has played hundreds of shows with that material and toured around the United States as an acoustic act. In 2015 she beat out Macklemore in King 5’s Best of Western WA as Best Local Musician! In 2016 Jessie collaborated with producer Steven Trueba to release one of the years top underground EDM tracks, The Sway. 


Jessie is currently touring the greater Seattle area with her beatboxing husband, Matt Siren, and is looking forward to sharing her acoustic album in early 2019. Jessie’s song writing -- inspired by her earthy roots in poetry, herbology, meditation, and yoga -- will leave you in a 360-degree emotive experience.

"Jessie's signature voice and timeless lyrics abduct your spirit, taking you to places you won't want to come back from."

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