All of us have those days. Those days when we can't shake that stream of toxic thought from spinning around in our heads. Fears about the future, rumination over the past, to-do lists, should-ing (“I should have…”), shaming, or guilting ourselves...we all live this strange form of self-torture in different ways.

I don't know that it is possible to shut those thoughts off, but I do know from experience that it IS possible to shift our attention and redirect our minds to something that fills our cup rather than empties it. Massage, beautiful beverages, and pretty little tinctures. What’s not to love here?!


Yourself, your kiddos, your partner...Pamper yo-self and give a boost to your immunity too! Not only does this feel great for everyone involved, but it gets your lymph and all of the infection-fighting white blood cells it carries moving more efficiently throughout your entire body.

Our skin is our first barrier against the world and maintaining a proper skin PH can prevent the invasion of pathogens! We have beneficial bacteria growing on the surface of our skin, but after the daily abuse of oil stripping soaps, hand sanitizers, and chlorinated water, we leave our first line of defense weakened.

Protect yourself daily by using a pH balancing toner all over your body, and then massaging a thin layer of a mineral rich oil (such as cold-pressed sesame seed oil, olive oil, or jojoba) from your feet to your head, all over your body, in upward strokes towards your heart. Not only will you be silky soft and have an extra layer of protection between you and the world, but through massage we also gently stimulate the lymph system! Our prime way to dispose of cellular waste from the body.

PRO TIP: For an extra boost to the lymphatic system (and extra soft skin!), before your shower, use a dry brush all over your body! Beginning at your feet and moving towards your heart in upward strokes.


Step up your fancy factor by starting the day with a nice organic slice of lemon in a tall glass of water!

Dysbiosis and inflammation in the gut have been linked to anxiety, depression, and mental fog! Many have come to describe the gut as a "second brain". Drinking lemon water early in the morning, before we’ve consumed anything solid, primes our digestive tract by detoxing impurities, infusing it with minerals and antioxidants, and balancing our guts pH. A clear gut = a clear mind!

The combination of all of these things fortifies the immune system against any pathogen that tries to invade and bolsters the mind against fatigue, fog, and imbalance! Have fun with this! Don’t like lemon? Try mixing in some pretty organic raspberries or a sprig of mint for a fun antioxidant-rich twist!

PRO TIP: Organic lemons are proven to have more immune boosting vitamin c than non-organic!


This tasty remedy has a lush and beautiful color that shows you immediately just how rich and powerful it is for your body. It is full of vitamins and minerals and has been shown to be both antiviral and antibacterial in vitro.

Elderberry has been used for hundreds of years as both a preventative and a treatment for the common cold and flu. In recent double-blind studies elderberry has been shown to reduce the symptoms and duration of the common cold substantially! Can I get an “Amen!” for good ole Mother Nature?

Get elderberry syrup or tincture online or at your local supplement store! Or for any of you DIYers, do a quick google search and whip up your own!

PRO TIP: In the Siren house we take it as a preventative from late Winter to early Spring, and double up on dosage when anyone comes down with something!

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Accessed March 8, 2020

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