5 Ways To Simplify This Holiday Season

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Intentionality Up And Clutter Down This Holiday Season

1. Instead of exchanging gifts with close family or friends, come up with a plan to invest in a group event or experience with the ones you love! A big dinner out, a night on the town, a play, or the symphony are a few fun ideas!

2. For all you mommas and papas out there! Have a clear budget and/or rules in place to keep spending and accumulation of STUFF at bay! I.E The three thing rule: Something to wear, something to play with, something to read. And/Or $100 per kid.

3. Encourage family members and friends who will be getting gifts for your children to invest in experiences they can enjoy together! Passes to the zoo, the aquarium, or the science center. Movie tickets, concert tickets, and gift/gas cards are a great option for older kids!

4. Instead of spending money on wrapping paper, reuse those cute paper Trader Joe's bags as wrapping paper and have a competition to see who can get most creative with their wrapping job!

5. FOCUS ON GIVING and encourage your kids to get involved! Whether it’s handing candy canes out at the local Starbucks or post office (little ones LOVE this one!), helping out at a local soup kitchen, or making a meal and dropping it off for someone you personally know is going through a hard time, I promise you, stepping outside of yourself and your own stress/struggle/lack, will bring nothing but ABUNDANCE to your heart and life!

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