Autumn & Oil: 5 Ways To Use Oil For Optimum Wellbeing This Fall

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

// eat it wear it sniff it massage it put it in your ears // We have been feeling this junction between summer and fall hardcore in my house—vata rising and showing up like an exhausted, can’t sleep, overstimulated, itchy eared, stressed, crankified BABIES. And I'm not just talking about Matt and I😏 The ears are especially sensitive to vata; you can soothe aggravated vata by inserting a drop or two of warm (98.8 degrees baby!) ghee, sesame oil, or even olive oil into the ear canal each morning—a traditional vata-calming Ayurvedic practice. If I'm short on time I just dip my finger in a bit of oil and rub it in my ear! Easy peasy. *Ringing in the ears, excess ear wax, poor hearing, lockjaw, and TMJ, are all signs of excess Vata in the ears. Change your perfume to a Vata pacifying essential oil! Not only will you smell like fall but also you will be tapping into the power of neuro-associative conditioning. Meditate with a drop of oil on your wrists/back of neck and when you wear that scent in any situation, your brain will be called back to that meditative and relaxed state. Magic. You can also diffuse these scents! *Choose warming scents like rose, sandalwood, frankincense, geranium, vetiver, vanilla, orange and clove to name a few. This Amber blend is my new fall fave!

There is more than one way to sniff an oil, my friends! Keeping a regular Nasya practice provides moisture to the very air you breathe, all day long. It has been used for centuries to bring ease to ailments having to do with the throat, nose, ear, and eyes. It has a profound healing effect on migraine conditions and chronic sinusitis. The effects of nasya pervade the physical and even aide in soothing a restless mind!

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Cook all of your veggies in oil, slow and low to get all your good fats in. All food this time of year should be M.O.W. Moist, oily, and warm! This will keep bloating and distention at bay and keep digestion happy! Finally, rub yourself down with oil friends. Every day, from head to toe. This will help with lymphatic drainage, improving circulation, keeping skin plump and youthful looking, and giving your skin a gorgeous color and glow. Find out your dosha by taking a quiz and that will tell you which oil is best suited to your body type. . Let's pamper the crap out of ourselves this fall, friends and make for an awesome next year🍁🌾🙏🏻

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