2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberries

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Never let a hungry pregnant woman loose down the frozen isles at Costco, my friends! I found a tiny bag of frozen dark chocolate raspberries and all rationality left me. I had to have them. But...$12. $12, not organic, and so very tiny. I walked away and continued to pine over them for the next week...until I came up with my own DIY version, my friends. They turned out absolutely divine, and were so so simple to make! 2 INGREDIENTS. Which makes them...even more divine! From start to finish, including freeze time, you can be enjoying them in 20 minutes flat. BONUS our local costco is carrying fresh cheap organic raspberries so you can make a buncha these babies, ORGANIC, for under $10.


You will need:

- Dark chocolate chips (we love anything 60% and up!)--the amount depends on how many raspberries you plan on making, use your best guess! Start small, and if you need more, it's easy to heat more up.

- Organic Raspberries, rinsed and set out to dry or patted dry. (We love Costco for great prices on fresh organic berries! Check in the big cold produce section.)

- Baking sheet covered with parchment paper

- Double boiler OR microwave


Microwave instructions: Place chocolate chips into a small ramekin, microwave for 1 minute, and then stir, microwaving every 15 seconds or so until SMOOTH. Chocolate burns easily my friends! As soon as it's looking shiny, stop heating.

Double Boiler: Heat up water in bottom of pan to a boil. Place top pan on and small bowl of chocolate in top pan! Stir constantly until the chocolate is shiny, then remove promptly. If chocolate begins to get chunky, it has burned.


While chocolate is still shiny and hot, dip your raspberries in and set on parchment paper. This can be messy business, but tasty if you're game for a little finger licking in the end:)


Place in freezer for 10 min until chocolate has set, then enjoy!


If you want to have some double layered fun, you can dip first in white chocolate, freeze for a few minutes, and then dip in dark chocolate for a different/sweeter taste! OR try adding some cinnamon to your dark chocolate for a fun spin.

This is a great fall treat as berries are high in antioxidants and less aggravating for your Vata and Kapha doshas! Keep it extra healthy by making sure your chocolate is DARK! The darker the chocolate, the more powerful a source of antioxidants. These are easier to digest if not "frozen" when consumed, so leave them out for a few minutes before consuming and they will be the perfect consistency.

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