DIY Hair & Scalp Elixir

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I bought this amazing hair treatment sometime last year and when I looked at the ingredients I thought, I can make this! So, here we are!

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is seriously a gift to the human race. I use it for so many things, and my hair has thanked me time and time again for its powerful ph-balancing, shine-enhancing, scalp nourishing, benefits.

This elixir is an amazing ph-balancing root stimulator! It promotes blood flow, and depending on which oils you add in, can keep your mane shiny, bouncy, abundant, dandruff free, lice free, and smelling like a dream. There are even claims that it can slow down or stop graying! Have fun making this elixir your own! Enjoy, friends!


Glass dropper bottle (1oz at least!)

Apple cider vinegar

A few of your favorite essential oils

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil/blend to your dropper bottle and then fill to the top with apple cider vinegar! 10-15 drops in a 1oz bottle keeps us in the safe zone (between a 1-2% dilution) for applying directly to the scalp!


Simply shake a few drops directly onto your scalp and massage in with your fingertips! I put it on the night before I do my morning hair wash, or a few drops when my hair is still damp after showering!


LAVENDER Promotes thicker and faster hair growth, antimicrobial, aids in healing process, calming scent.

EUCALYPTUS Stimulates hair follicles, promotes hair growth, relieves itchy scalp, invigorating scent.

FRANKINCENSE Promotes a healthy scalp, moisturizes existing hair follicles, promotes growth, divine musky scent.

PEPPERMINT Stimulates the scalp, prevents/treatments dandruff, can increase follicle depth, number, and dermal thickness.

ROSEMARY One of the top essential oils for stimulating follicles and promoting healing and hair growth.

CHAMOMILE Adds shine and softness to scalp and follicles, can be used to lighten hair naturally.

There are so many fun oils and blends to experiment with! What's yo flava?

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