Heirloom Humans: Why Ugly Is Beautiful

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I ripped this little chunk out of an article about ugly produce at your local farmers market. Something about how the stranger the color and shape of an heirloom tomato, the more bursting with flavor it's likely to be. Slightly bruised and ripe as heck, it's likely to BLOW YOUR MIND. Anyway, nuff about produce. My heart jumped and felt, hey, that's us too, heirloom humans. Give me the funny freaky odd peculiar strange unusual WEIRD. Give me that funky stuff, those bruises, deformations, distortions, give me your UGLY. Cause that stuff? IS THE JUICY STUFF. That stuff, is the stuff that softens you, ripens you, makes you the tastiest version of you. ​

WE ALL FEEL PAIN. WE ALL FEEL BEAUTY. Different manifestations, different ways, but to our bones, deeply and truly WE FEEL.​ All of us, all of it. ​So don't just be on the spectrum. BE the spectrum. Embrace every infinite and messy part of yourself; the bruised, the hurt, the ugly, the peace, the love, the beauty. And know that the second you embrace your ugly? It becomes your beauty. 🍅✨❤️

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