Natural Oral Health 101

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Why caring a little more carefully for your oral health can change your life.

I am what you might call "a research junkie". So years ago when I decided to find a more conscious toothpaste option for myself and my family, I ended up going down the rabbit hole of all things oral health. The more I dug, the less I found available on the market that fit the bill.

Sure there were "natural" and "organic" options, but when it really came down to the ph and remineralization of the mouth and teeth, I found that much of what we were putting on and in our mouths was oftentimes hurting more than it was helping.

Here are a few basic tools that have made a world of difference in the health and vitality of my families teeth! So much of our overall health begins here, at the mouth. From teeth, to breath, to a healthy gut microbiome, these tools will help you to begin integrating more natural and effective ways to promote your and your families overall wellbeing!

A few key reasons to begin tongue scraping

Scraping your tongue: -removes toxins and bacteria from your tongue/mouth -clears undigested food particles from mouth -gets rid of the coating on your tongue that makes breath smell bad -enhances your sense of taste -a better sense of taste enhances digestion -promotes overall oral and digestive health -increases self-awareness of state of health

Why Smart Floss?

-No chemicals and no wax, plus it is plushy soft and expands so it is gentle and effective for all teeth types! Bring on the wide spaces, tight spaces, braces! -It is clinically proven to remove up to 55% more plaque then most popular waxy flosses.

-It tastes nice; (natural!) cardamom flavoring!

Below is the link to have it shipped right to your front door!

Why Tooth Gloss?

- You can make your own and it is a wonderful ritual to add into your morning self care practice. - It reinvigorates and protects your teeth and gums with essential oils and is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal to help to kill harmful bacteria.

- It can protect against tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Gloss Oil Recipe


- A food grade base oil! Coconut, sesame (not toasted!), or grapeseed are all awesome! All have antimicrobial properties, and sesame is particularly rich in minerals.

- A few drops of any or all of the following essential oils:

Peppermint- Cooling/refreshing, treats halitosis, antibacterial

Tea Tree- Great for inflamed gums! Studies show it can reduce gingivitis and inflammation

Myrrh- Treats inflammation, bad breath, pain relief, treats infection

Clove- Pain relief, fights bacteria, fights inflammation, helps to heal cavities


In a little bowl, whisk essential oils into coconut oil until well incorporated. Then simply spoon into a little container to use after brushing!

*A good rule of thumb for adding oils to anything that will go in the mouth is to keep it at a 1% dilution! This means in a 1 oz container you would add a total of 9 drops essential oils!


Get a little on your finger and simply run it over your floss before flossing! You can also rub a drop on directly onto troublesome areas. Tooth gloss with clove essential oil is great for treating tooth sensitivity!

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