The Minimalist Mama's Guide To New Baby Essentials

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Tiny living? Minimalist mama? Organic lifestyle? *it me!* All of those things, honey. We live in a 1930's (*NO CLOSETS NONE NUH UH ZILCH*) 800 square foot "cabin" on the river and I adore it for what it is, and I adore for what it has taught me. Everything, and I mean everything, must be beautiful and useful. Or we ain't got space for dat.

I hunted everywhere for a list like this when we got pregnant with our first, and couldn't find it! So, here I am, two babies later, puttin' all out there and hoping to make some other frantic minimalist mama's nesting a little easier.


This basket provides somewhere safe you can set baby for sleep times or "arms need a break" times! A basket is great for babies from 0-3 months, can be moved around easily from room to room + is adorable! Also sure to prevent an "Oh he/she can ROLL (off the couch, bed, etc etc)?!" moment. Haha! We love to shop small where we can and we also love that this brand is free of flame retardants and other harmful chemicals! Option to purchase organic "pads" and sheets separately. Bonus: We saved this basket between babies and put cute rolled up blankets in it so it doubled as a cute decoration when there wasn't a tiny human in it!

We love:


Why is this bouncer worth it? 1. IT'S MESH. Okay, I know, I know, it's mesh. Why is this awesome? Cause newborns. are. EXPLOSIVE! And this baby is so easy to just hose off, and looks like new time and time again. It can also be purchased in solid cotton. 2. It folds completely flat. Put it behind the couch, lean it against a bookshelf, slide it under your won't even know this thing is around when you aren't using it! 3. Lightweight. Fold it down and you can carry this AND your babe anywhere. Travels from room to room and from inside to outside so easily! Finally, the design. It is ergonomically designed and has a natural and gentle bounce to it without any fancy electronic vibrating additions. Bonus: It's simple delicate frame and solid neutral color options make it a great addition to any room.

We love:

*We found ours used online, but it can be purchased new on amazon prime or at The Baby Room link below, even with shipping and handling, you can knock $20 off the price!


Glass bottles can be used to store pumped milk and to feed baby without leaching any chemicals or plastics into your precious milk. We loved this brand because it has a great price point for a lot of bottles and they have held up through two kiddos now!

We love:


A hand pump takes up little to no space, travels light, does not require power, and YOU can control how intense that dreaded "suck" is. Not to mention you can pump stealthily in the movie theater without that mechanical "wah wah wah" becoming the theme song to whatever blockbuster you're currently falling asleep to. After trying two different electric pumps, I AM IN LOVE. Even for you working mamas, keeping one of these babies in the car is a great back up plan for emergencies.

We love:


Organic cotton muslin is great for all times of the year as it helps to regulate your babies temperature! It washes and wears well. Newborns are leaky and you can keep a bunch of these on hand to swap out without taking up much space! Also allows the freedom to wrap your finicky newborn however the little buddy likes it best (one arm in, one leg out, tight tight tight, or loosey goose). Pick some in your homes color scheme and they will blend right in whether they are spread out for tummy time, or little buddy is wrapped up tight in one.

We love:


Keep your baby safe and snug as a bug in this little sleep sack! We loved this brand because it is 100% cotton, free of flame retardants, and has held up beautifully through two babies now! I recently found that it has a polyester filling, so I will link another organic option with good reviews below!

We love:

Organic options:


I recently had a nurse practitioner stop me at a grocery store and praise me for keeping my babies in HATS! She said that keeping the wind out of their sensitive ears can work wonders for preventing ear infections! I had never thought about it, and maybe it's just coincidence, but both of my little honeys are 24/7 hat boys and neither have ever had any ear problems! Also, let's be real. That newborn-patchy-balding-old-man look? No one is pulling it off. So? Put a hat on it.

We love: H&M, folks! They always have a few organic options at great prices.


A newborn can live exclusively in 4 or 5 of these babies for the first few months! They are so cute and perfect for the (millions of) quick diaper changes you'll be doing, and oh-so-easy to pull on and off. Baby is comfy, and mom and dad are livin' the good life without all those tiny impossible snappies. We loved this brand because it has a great fit, great color options, and is tough enough to last (beautifully) through two newborns! Bonus: It is organic and chemical/flame retardant free!

We love:


Why booties? CAUSE LEMME TELL YA. There's some kind of magical baby-sock-eating-elf that snatches (usually one) sock off your babe, never to be seen again. Always. We love these booties because they are cute, soft, organic, and bonus: they snap on around your babies ankle. Not today, sock eating elf, not today.

We love:


Cloth diapering will be a whole other blog post, but even for you disposable diapering mamas and papas, DIAPER COVERS ARE A GAME CHANGER. Why? Once again...newborns. are. explosive. And these babies? They prevent blowouts. Whether you're just hoping to avoid a 3am outfit change, or headed out on a flight, keeping a couple of these on hand can save a lot of time, laundry, and sanity. We cloth diaper and after trying a million different brands, this one has become our tried and true! It adjusts easily to the size and shape of your baby, washes well, comes in a variety of colors, and is pretty darn cute if you're going to a no-pants-party!

We love:


A good pacifier is a must have, even if only "just in case". Have a couple of different styles on hand. Different babies have an easier time with different shapes (round/butterfly). A pacifier can mean the difference between a days shower...or just another day of that chalky degreasing hair powder stuff. A natural organic clip is handy for making sure your winky stays off the floor and Bonus: it doubles as a chemical free chew toy in the coming months! We loved these brands because they are natural rubber/wood/cotton and oh-so-cute to look at!

We love:

We love:


Okay mama, your number one fashion accessory for the next 9ish months? YOUR BABY. Staying true to our "everything beautiful and useful" mantra, this sling has got it ALL. We love this brand because they use only the most gorgeous linen, responsibly and ethically sourced and sewed, use a simple compact design, and because it is extremely versatile and will fit newborns all the way up to a 35lb toddler. It takes a few tutorials to really nail the "ring sling" thing down, but once you do, there is nothing like it.

We love:


For small spaces or second children (toddlers can be LOUD!) and although I swore I would use one, this has been fantastically helpful! No more tip-toeing around when baby finally goes down! This is the brand we ended up with because I loved the color, slim design, and rain sound (sounds like our river!) but there are hundreds to choose from on amazon, so you are sure to find one that fits your style!

We love:


The monitor we have is a hand-me-down and has since become quite outdated, so after some research this is the one I settled on for quality/ratings and price point. This monitor in particular is awesome because there is two-way talk back, temperature monitoring, and it can potentially double as a sound machine with it's "lullaby" setting!

We love:

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