Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Digestive issues? Check your teeth. Heart issues? Check your teeth. Depression/anxiety? Check your TEETH! There are so many studies that show us today how interconnected everything the body is and how so much of it all begins here, in the mouth. Dr. Steven Lin calls the mouth, "the gateway to your health", and although there are a million reasons why this is so, here is the tip of the iceberg:

+ The human microbiome (made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that do things like make sure we have healthy digestion and a functioning immune system....) begins in your mouth and continues through your digestive tract. This means the bacteria in your digestive tract can affect the health of your teeth and inversely, the bacteria in your mouth can affect your digestion!

+ There are so many studies now linking gut health to mental health that many people have begun to refer to the gut as our "second brain". (Here is a great article on that, if you're interested! )

+ This means that from brain to body, whatever is happening in the mouth will have a trickle effect throughout the entire system and has the capacity to affect your physical, mental, and emotional health!

What to do, what to do?


This means getting yourself some kickass toothbrushes, folks.

First up we have the classic Sonicare. This is the electric toothbrush I have personal experience with, and it's been great! These babies typically last 3-5 years in our household before batteries go out or buttons break. However, any electronic toothbrush will give you a more thorough brushing because: timer, fast moving bristles whisking away plaque & massaging gums, etc etc. I just purchased this Fairywill electric brush from Amazon for little indio and so far we are loving it! With over 3,000 4.5 star reviews, and priced under $30, I'm definitely not the only one who is! Bonus! It has been a few weeks and we have not had to charge it even once!

Next up: The Ionic Toothbrush. We have used this brush in our home for years now and have not had to replace the brush base yet! As you brush your teeth, this brush releases an ionic charge. This charge is then transferred to the teeth, which works to repel plaque from the tooth surface and neutralize acid. An opposite charge on the bristles attracts plaque bacteria away from and out of the oral cavity. >>>WOW. You can get Dr. Tungs Ionic toothbrush on Amazon + replacement head for $22!

I use one brush in the morning and one at night! Easy peasy. Does this cost more than your classic throw away brush? Yes. Does this save you tons of money on having cavities filled, psychiatric work, and digestive specialists? Also (probably), yes. Bonus! Less environmental waste when you are using toothbrushes with reusable bases AND if they can save you a cavity, it also means less foreign chemicals filling the holes in your mouth and leaching into your or your loved ones bloodstreams.👍🏼

I would love to hear about your favorite toothbrushes / holistic oral health care practices! Share in the comments!

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